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Yesterday I stumbled upon a book that I instantly fell in love with.  Kate Spade NY put together a book comprised of things the brand loves.  I associate Kate Spade with so many fabulous things, style, class, grace, fun, fabulousness, amazement, brilliance, excellence, beauty, intelligence.  The list goes on and on and I don't think that I even just did it justice.

Needless to say, I went into a mad search to find the book.  Based on the details on Kate Spade and various other bloggers, the book is impeccably made with fabulous graphics, thoughts, and picture.  I would not expect less and am not surprised.  I also love investing in books like this one: they are great additions to our interior and are wonderful additions to my library.  Sadly, I learned via Twitter that the book is not available for purchase.  I wonder if Kate Spade would accept my first born?

 [Who doesn't enjoy an art gallary? Even if I have been known to confuse pieces for furniture?]
 [I adore Peonies-by far my favorite flower]
[As if the item on this page aren't fabulous enough, check out that polka dot dress!]
[The foil detail on this page is to-die-for and adds such dimension to the book]

[Still in search for the perfect glitter pump, any suggestions?!]

You can check out the rest of this fabulous book electronically at Kate Spade and even add to their collection with things that YOU love by Tweeting @KateSpadeNY #thingswelove.

Top photo and all images shown from Things we Love: kate spade new york
Book photos: Graytor Printing

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