the august punch list


Happy Thursday party people! In some capacity, I've shared my faves around the interwebs, but I'm going to be doing it more formally in a monthly punch list once a month.  It'll feature things that I'm loving, stuff that I'll be keeping an eye on for the month and things that I think you'll enjoy.

1 // Who doesn't love a good boom boom shake the room ?

2 // If I had to pick one piece to wear for the rest of the summer and into the fall (think layered with a great field jacket), I would be this one (plus it's 40% off making it under $30)

3 // In these last days of summer, I will eat all of the Caprese salads as I can.  And this is one I am dying to try

4 //  Looking for an agenda for 2018 (I seriously struggle with that, BTW)? Of all of the agendas I've use (Yes, I still love a good paper agenda), this is my favorite.

5 // I am a day late and a dollar short on this author, but I am loving this book.  Also, currently watching: Ozark on Netflix, The Sinner on USA, & I'm Sorry on truTV.

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