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There is nothing more fun to me than a bright, bold lip.  Though I tend to gravitate towards more neutral tones, I feel most refreshed and ready to conquer the world when I have a fun lip color on.  In that vein, I've been collecting bolder lipsticks for sometime, slowly integrating them into my day-to-day and hoping that they stick.  After some time, I think that I've narrowed down some of my favorites and ones that I continue to come back to which I am sharing with you today.

L'Oreal Ballerina Shoes is a lovely soft pink.  It's perfect for a pink lip and/or work appropriate.

NARS Dolce Vita (also love MAC Modesty) are great nude lip colors.  I often use one of these as a base and layer a gloss on top of.

Revlon Pinkissimo is a more playful pink color.  It's still neutral enough that you can wear it to a more conservative event, but also playful enough for a night out.  I wear it both by itself, but also layer it on top of more pink colors for a deeper look.

Laura Mercier Tulip (similar color for less Revlon Pink Pop) is a color that's on the verge if you are more into neutral colors.  It's a beautiful pink/purple and a good gateway color if you are looking to dabble into more bold.  Another bonus, Laura's lippies smell like cake.

Bobbi Brown Hot Berry is definitely a more bold color.  It's bright, pink and oh-so-good. It's also a crayon versus a gloss or stick.  It still goes on just as easy and is buildable.  Meaning if you want to tone it down, put the Revlon Pink Pop on top, or if you want to hype it up, you can layer a similar gloss on top of.

NARS Sixties Fan is a gorgeous deep berry color that is perfect for the fall, but it's also subtle enough that you can rock it year round.  NARS does a great job with pigment and their gloss it just-right in terms of coverage, texture (not too sticky), and longevity.

Chanel Bitter Orange was a little out of my comfort zone as well, but my local Chanel counter contact gave me a sample and I loved it so much I picked it up the next day.  It's a great red-orange mix and with Chanel's new reformulation, it addresses all of my issues I had with their previous mix.

L'Oreal Blake's Red (also love L'Oreal True Red and MAC Ruby Woo) are all all-time favorite quintessential reds.  They are varying shades at varying price points, but nothing is more flirty than a bold, red lip.

If you are looking to integrate a more bold or different shade into your life, I would recommend baby steps.  Try a shade bolder than what you would usually wear and rock it during the day; step up your game for an evening out with your friends with a new or even bolder color (girlfriends tend to be more accepting of a bolder lip than dudes - trust me on this one).  Before you know it, you'll be rocking it all of the time.

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