victoria beckham x target



I'm about to say something that will make me vastly unpopular in the fashionista set and that is, I'm not a fan thus far of what I've seen from the collaboration between Victoria Beckham and Target. Hear me out on this one: I'm a huge fan of Victoria Beckham's clothing line but much like many designer/Target collaborations, I find myself wanting a bit more.  A bit more chicness, a little less watered down for the general population; a bit more quality, a little less (what appears to be) lower grade fabrics which are more evident given some of the cuts of the line.  I get the reality that the idea behind these collaborations is to bring a product to a different demographic at a particular price point and make it more approachable, but my argument is, they could accomplish the same thing by not watering down the aesthetic and fabrics.  I hope that I'm pleasantly surprised come April 9th that the execution in-store looks better than the promos.  

Will you be shopping at Target on the 9th? 

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