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Whew, it's been a week, hasn't it? Beyond the weather being a little, shall me say, crazy, it's been an intense week for work and life.  To that end, most of the links that I'm loving around the interwebs are very fun and frivolous.  Isn't that why we peruse the internet anyway?

+ I am more excited than anyone should be about this movie (#nerdalert)

+ Fashionistas of the world rejoiced this week with the release of the lookbook from Victoria Beckham's line for Target.  Want more? Spice up your life with this commercial promo; I'm about to say something that will make me vastly unpopular, but I wasn't hot and bothered about it.

+ Russia gets a lot of flack, but Nike Russia released this really fantastic commercial that is totally worth a watch (there are subtitles is your Russian isn't on point)

+ As if I needed another reason to classify SJP as my spirit animal

+ I am obsessed with TED Talks and I loved these recommendations

+ If you are excited about the live-action Beauty & the Beast, then you'll love this.

Hope you guys have had a lovely weekend and cheers to an easier week than last.

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