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Happy Sunday folks! Can we all just agree that this past week was, well, quite the week? I thought that having the stomach flu at 26 weeks pregnant was rough, but after this past week, I need a week's vacation.

+ i can't tell you how much i adore JLo and this video only solidifies that

+ for anyone who's seen the original Beauty & the Beast, the leap to make an openly gay character isn't much of one, but I love them for it.

+ spring must be in the air because everyone is obsessed with baby animals.  I've taken a particular interest in Fiona the hippo at the Cincinnati Zoo.

+ I am big on etiquette and I feel like everyone should look at this for a quick refresher

+ an absolutely heartbreaking, but beautiful dating advert written by a wife for her husband after she passes

+ Tom Hanks sent a gift to the press corps at the White House and it's brilliant.

+ Ever wonder why a lot of heroines wear blue (Alice, Dorthy, Cinderella, Belle)? This article explains it a bit.

+ on raising a feminist daughter

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