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During my first pregnancy, I was able to leverage more of my pre-maternity wardrobe further into my second trimester.  This go-round with it being the second and there being two of them, I have less options of my non-maternity wear to leverage.  Enter, this dress.  I had planned to wear another (albeit similar, non-maternity) dress for our seasons of parties but two nights before our first event, I had Scott attempt to zip it up and even a stretchy dress would not give me the space I needed.  So frantically, I ran over to Nordstrom the next morning where I came across this lovely dress, in petite no less.  Granted, it's not a maternity dress either, but I was able to size up enough where the stomach area fit me and I could have it altered post-pregnancy to rock after - wins all around.  Which is my basic mantra for dressing in pregnancy - leverage what you can non-maternity.  I'll be sharing some of my must-haves later, but by-in-large I find maternity items to be less than flattering and more expensive that what they are worth.  If you can buy some solid staples in maternity and they get supplement with other non-maternity items, you tend to be in better shape.  But talk to me when I'm much larger and I might have a different opinion.

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  1. Chelsea you look stunning!! and I love that your bab(ies) bump is making its fabulous debut!



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