I've written before about my perpetual search for the perfect mascara.  That's why when Influenster offered up a chance to try out some of Lancôme's eye make-up, I was excited to give it a whirl.

Here's the break down:

Définicils Mascara
Promises to: provide lavishly long, perfectly defined lashes
Delivered: Just that; It did an excellent job at separating my lashes and lengthening them.  However, it does take several layers (like most mascaras) and doesn't provide the thickening that I also look for in a mascara.  I would definitely continue to use it, but would likely layer with another product to add more volume to my lashes.

Drama Liqui-Pencil Longwear Liner
Promises to: deliver high-intensity, long-wear color; easy to apply, lasts all day.
Delivered: Just that; I usually am not a fan of eye pencils for my top lashline (I swear by Stila for liquid liner) but if you are a little gun-shy on the liquid liner front, this is a great option for you.  I also used it as a highliner (I usually use this) and it got the job done as well.

Visionnaire Yeux Eye Cream
Promises to: visibly correct wrinkles & unevenness around the eye for a smoother contour & diminished dark circles in four weeks.
Delivered: TBD. I like the texture, it went on weightless and allowed for my undereye corrector to go on a smooth surface, but the verdict is still out as to whether or not it diminishes circles in four weeks.  I have quite the task for this one given my lack of sleep, but any improvement is better than nothing.

Bi-Facil Double Action Eye Make-up Remover
Promises to: remove eye makeup leaving your eyes feeling cool and relaxed with no oily residue; ideal for sensitive skin and contact wearers
Delivered: Just that; Usually makeup remover that has a oil mixture component that leaves a residue on my skin - this one absolutely did not.  It removed all of the waterproof eye makeup without a sweat.  I'm a big fan.

Overall, I was a fan of most of the product.  I'd definitely buy the bi-facil eye make-up remover; I have a bear of a time getting my eye makeup off and this does the trick.  In terms of the other items, I think they stack up well with what's on the market (particularly the eye liner), but I don't think that I'll be switching from my tried and true.  And I'm also still on the look out for a mascara.

I am a member of the Influenster group and product was provided to me for purposes of this review; however, opinions herein are my own.  Thank you for supporting brands who support Haute Child in the City.  

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