Gift Guide: For your jet-setting friend


Truthfully, I've been a bit in denial over the whole Christmas is approaching thing.  I am well aware that in spite of my lack of acknowledgement of the impending holiday and the end of the year, it's coming none-the-less.  I'm also well aware that my denial does not help with being prepared for the holiday so in order to help us all out, I'll be starting my gift guides.  I'm sure you are already starting to see tons if you happen to follow other blogs; I promise I'll try to diversify a little, but also keep them simple, straight forward and practical (as well as hopefully budget-conscience).  

With that, this week we'll be tackling gifting for your friend and/or family member who seems to always be on a plane.  Having clocked some serious airtime this year, I have an intimate knowledge of things which will make my life a little easier.  I particularly am eyeing this, these, and TSA-approved beauty items are always awesome.

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