5 Fall Trends to Re-Create


Oh hi there; remember me? I can't say that I do - it's been far too long since I've checked in with you kind folks over here.  I wish I could say that I was busy doing something amazing, but honestly, though September was amazing, it totally took it out of me.  Don't get me wrong, it was a ton of fun - we were in a ton of different places, got to visit with a lot of our friends, and see a lot of great things, but all of that constant movement caught up with me.  So here I am, back at it 11 days into the month of October (?!).  The good news is though North Carolina got wholooped by Hurricane Matthew, he brought with him the (only) happy side effect of cooler temps.  It actually feels like Fall here in Charlotte and with no end in sight.  To that end, and in an effort to ease back into this whole blogging thing, I thought I'd round up some great fall trends to re-create now that the temperatures match the season.


I think that I've legitimately written about some variation of this color every fall.  And every fall it keeps showing up on the color palette.  Good news for those of us who like to get a bang out of their wardrobe budget, but beyond that, it really is a great hue to wear for the fall.


Blush is one of the more surprising additions to the color palette this fall.  It's been around and more typically associated with warmer months, but I do love the use of pale pinks in cooler temps.  It's a little unexpected, ultra feminine, and very chic.

black & camel

Do you remember the old, don't mix black and brown rule? Well, You can throw that one out (along with no white after labor day, but that's another topic for another day).  There's something very effortless about combining the two and one that I look forward to re-creating over and over again.


Surprisingly enough, this is one trend that I haven't capitalized on.  Perhaps it's because it is a little more casual, but honestly, nothing screams fall like a good pair of cords.  Seriously, they should hand them out to everyone when the temperatures drop.


I'm a lover of a good classic, which is why grey is an all time favorite of mine.  I nabbed this jacket back in July and now is the perfect time to break it out (and trust me, if you see me around town, chances are, I'm wearing it.)

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