8 things you should be shopping from JCrew right now


I do a ton of my shopping with JCrew.  It's mostly because though sometimes the price points hurt me, their products are always on-trend, but in sophisticated ways that allow me to integrate it into my daily life, whether it be working from home or in the office.  JCrew just released their new arrivals and they are oh-so-good.  So good, in fact, that I just couldn't not share with you guys.  Also, if you are a card holder you get 30% off of your purchase with code: CARDSONLY and fear not, for the rest there's 25% off with the code: SUMMER

And if you are still weary of the gingham trend, be sure to check out Jenna's take.  #neversaynever

As a bonus, if you missed out on this dress last season, the factory brought it back for a fraction of the price.

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