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lessons from my mother || minted for mother's day


Becoming a mother myself has instilled in me another level of appreciation for all of the tremendous amount of things that my mother did for me and instilled in me growing up.  At the time, I am certain that there was a significant amount of eye-rolling and unnecessary sass thrown her way, but now as an adult, I am thankful for her instance of several requirements specifically the art of writing a thank you note.  My mother was adamant that we not only thank people for items that they gifted us, but that we follow up with a thank you note.  You can imagine how popular this requirement was for a 15-year-old, but now it's so ingrained in me that I can't NOT write thank you notes.

Along with this love of thank you notes, comes with a deep obsession with stationary.  I love stationary - to the point that it is a problem.  I pick up cards everywhere I go, I have endless supply of notecards and I especially love the special touch personalized stationary can bring to a note.  This month I'm partnering with Minted to showcase some of their gorgeous stationary (think great design, beautiful details, and quality paper) as well as gift a set away to one of you as a thank YOU for all of your support! Stationary can not only be a great gift to yourself, but also for others (maybe even your mother).  It's something that you'd wouldn't necessarily think as giving as a gift, but is thoughtful and very appreciated as it is also often something that many people don't think about getting for themselves.

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