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[we put lego sets of famous architectural buildings on top our our shelves in the office to add a playful touch]

If there is one thing that I collect, it would be books.  I love books, as does my husband which inevitably means that we have a lot of bookshelves.  We even have books on our barcart.  Whether or not your shelves are used to house books, like ours, or purely decoration, I think that it is important to break them up with items that you love and are a mix of your personal taste, as well as meaning.

[a bookshelf outside of the master bedroom houses some of our favorite books, as well as items we've collected on our travels, including guidebooks with our notes of favorite activities in the locations]

[the bookshelf in our office has a mix of professional books along with fun items & meaningful pictures, including one of our wedding photos and Liam's newborn photos]

We have a mix of both items we've found at the usual places (ie. West Elm, Furbish Studio, etc.) and items that we've picked up on our travels (figures from our honeymoon or pottery purchased on a trip to the Middle East) or  hold a special meaning to us (look closely and you can see the cake topper from our wedding on our shelves) and, of course, pictures.  Putting our memories on shelves as it were is a lovely personal touch to our house and serves as a subtle reminder of a favorite trip, important event, and happy memory.

[if you look closely, you can find our wedding cake topper on our shelves] 

[did you know that pineapples are a sign of hospitality and originate in Charleston? it's a great symbol to integrate into your house, especially if you entertain a lot]

[our two shelves in the master bedroom includes pictures of our grandparents, as well as photos we've taken on our travels from our favorite places]

[my jewelry counter has a mix of actual jewelry boxes and other items that I've re-purposed to serve as containers for my baubles]

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