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Confession time: Liam slept in his crib until January.  For those of you keep track, he was almost 4 years old. I'm not talking crib-converted-to-a-toddler-bed; legitimately a crib.  When we moved into our home, we were certain that we were on borrowed time.  Afterall, all of his cohort had catapulted themselves out of their beds at what seemed like ages ago.  So each month, we kept waiting and it never happened.  We even bought bedding last Fall in anticipation of this event.  Feeling a sufficient amount of parent-guilt, we decided that 4 was a good time to make the leap.  We made it an event, and by-in-large, it's going OK.  Certainly not without its challenges (the procrastination, OOOOOH the procrastination! and the early mornings - what happened to my good sleeper?!), but we are slowly finding a new routine.

What we found key to getting Liam's buy-in to this new routine, was making his room a place he loved; a special 'big boy' room that he wanted to be in and he was excited to be spend his time in. It also had to be functional.  Enter in this Star Wars bedding.  I know, i know - it's all the rage right now, but Pottery Barn Kids did such a fantastic job with it that it was nearly impossible to say no to.  We did opt for three sets of sheets, a star wars themed version, as well as two different colored star prints to break it up a bit.  However, you can imagine that the star wars version are the favorites.  The other thing we needed to tackle was storage; we needed something that was easily accessible for Liam, but also got the general mess out of the way.  These bins are amazing and totally did the trick for us.

Shelves: IKEA Floating Shelves (also here)

Book shelf: Overstock

Artwork: Target (no longer online)

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