happy friday + link love



Happy Friday party people.  I don't know about you, but the combination of travel and getting adjusted to daylights savings time has me totally off my game. There were some great things happening around the interwebs this week and here's some of my favorites:

+ you've probably seen the clips of the 'Hamilton' cast performing at the White House this past week (brilliant by the way), but you NEED to check out this clip of a proper brit beat boxing with Lin-Manuel

+ if you've ever visited North Carolina, you know that people are opinionated about their BBQ, but this article on the politics of BBQ brings it home for me.

+ as it's an election year, i am even more fascinated by the political culture in the DC area. this article of the kick-ass women taking the district by storm is interesting, inspiring - i dare you to read and not want to get involved.

+ i'm a believer that being busy is a sickness, but i do think that these tips on how to be a good friend with a crazy schedule and other priorities.

Hope you & yours have a lovely weekend!

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