Beauty Resolutions


This year I resolve to:

+ Always wash my face before bed: I know, I know, it's one of the first cardinal rules of skincare - ALWAYS WASH YOUR FACE BEFORE BED.  And 99% of the time, I'm usually pretty good about it, but we all have lazy days, don't we? I'm planning on deploying these face wipes to help me get a jump on getting the day off of my face.

+ Use serums religiously: I've fallen out of a nighttime serum routine and I need to get back in it.  Nighttime is the time that your face does the most repair and it's a great opportunity to ensure that it's hydrated and have some uninterrupted repair time.

+ Fill in my brows forever & always:  I shared that I fell in love with this brow pencil and I still am in love with it, just not as diligent as a part of my always routine.  It should be used though, always.

+ Rock a bold lip more often: I am a lover of a good bold lip, but often times I don't rock it as much as I should.  It instantly takes your look to the next level.

+ Use a mask once a week: I am so loving this mask.  After I use it, my skin is so much better - softer, more luminous, and my pores are much clearer.  Totally worth the investment.

+ Get back into the dry brushing routine: I was a devotee of dry brushing for a while, but like many of the items up here, I've fallen off of the wagon.  I loved the benefits I saw when I was more diligent about it (brighter, softer skin) and I'm eager to realize those in 2016.

What are your beauty resolutions this year?

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  1. I bought a brow fill-in palate before my wedding, and I also resolve to NEVER leave the house without filled in brows! I have a great night lotion that I love, but my eye cream doesn't seem to be doing the job. Are any of those serums you recommended for eyes? Send your recommendations my way!


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