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Holiday Gift Guide: For the Little Humans


Unarguably my most favorite people to shop for are the little ones in our life.  It's so wonderful to take a step back in time to my childhood and share those items which I remember fondly with kids, but more importantly watching kids open their gifts is probably the MOST fun part of the season. Every gift is met with such enthusiasm and unbridled gratitude; it is so truly amazing and fulfilling to watch.  With that being said, I've rounded up some of my favorite items to gift to share with you!  Of those items, I look for fun things which might not be purchased regularly for them like fancy shoes, a silly stuffed animal, a learning toy that we love, brands with a conscious (fair warning, part of this toy doubles as a whistle - we learned this on a particularly long car trip), and, of course, we cannot forget the ever present Star Wars this holiday season.

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