je suis parisienne: a love story


It might sound incredibly cliche, but I love Paris.  It's a city that has woven itself into the storyline of my life and one that I hope continues to as I grow older.  When I was in high school and picking a language to take, I chose French; not because I particularly liked the language (though I've grown an affinity for it), but because I wanted to go to France (Paris, specifically).  On that trip I fell in love with the sparkles of the Eiffel Tower, the nooks of Montemartre, and the breeze that blows off of the Seine.  Being my first trip aboard, it solidified my wanderlust and opened my eyes to the importance of history, architecture, and opening your eyes, mind, and heart to what is beyond your backyard.  Paris is the city where my husband and I spent our first Valentine's Day and it's where I hope to renew our vows one day.  Even before our son was born, we purchased a large pop-up version of Antoine de Saint-Exupery's The Little Prince (a book that I have loved in several languages and continue to collect in local text of the places I visit though I cannot read any of them).

So many people have personal stories and attachments to this beautiful city, even if they have never visited.  The horrific events which occurred over the weekend has impacted more directly those who call Paris their home, but resonates with all of us leaving us all wondering what we can do to help.  If you are looking to support this beautiful city and the truly amazing people who live there, please consider one of the below options:

- Participate in #PorteOuverte, a social media campaign offering refuge and support to those stranded in Paris during this time
- Donate blood if you are local to Paris
- Local French Organizations: Secours Catholique-Caritas France & French Secours Populaire are two which provide assistance during emergencies.

Keeping those affected by this senseless tragedy in my thoughts, prayers, & action during this time.


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