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dirty hair, don't care


I'll read you in on a little secret, more often than not these days more and more women aren't washing their hair everyday.  Depending on your hair type, there's a lot of literature out there that says washing your hair everyday strips it of healthy oils and actually dries your hair out more over time making it less healthy (And yes, there is actually literature on hair care).  Or maybe that's just my excuse for not washing and drying my hair everyday.  I had started this washing my hair two times a week thing while I was out on maternity leave - it was easier to get away with greasier hair when you had the valid excuse of an infant, but hadn't found my holy grail of dry shampoo until a little over a year ago.  Here's the trick with not washing your hair, dry shampoo.  Live it. Love it. Own it.  As proof that this not washing your hair everyday thing actually works, I thought I'd offer up some photographic proof, as well as my hair care regime.

Sunday Night - Wash my hair, put in 'It's a 10' Leave-in Conditioner, and let air dry overnight

Monday Morning - Hot style hair with either curling iron or straight iron

Tuesday Morning - Spritz Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray in hair and curl

Wednesday Morning - Spray DryBar Dry Shampoo (for Brunettes here) at hairline, and at several points underneath hair around crown of head.  Let sit for a few minutes and comb through.

Wednesday Night - Lather, rinse, repeat.

So basically, under the best circumstances, I wash my hair on Sunday and Wednesday nights.  Depending upon my level of activity and what else we are up to, I might alter the schedule a little (e.g., using dry shampoo earlier in the process), but generally speaking the schedule works for me.

A few other tips for keeping you hair as healthy as possible:
- I use a wide tooth comb to brush my hair at all times. It tends to pull out the tangles a little more gentler and I have found less breakage
- Use a good shampoo/conditioner; I haven't found a favorite yet, but I bounce around between several options
- Limit heat to your hair as much as possible.
- Vitamins; at least a multi-vitamin, if not a biotin supplement

So let me know, is this something you'd want to give a go? Do you wash your hair everyday? What are your favorite products?

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  1. As a twice weekly washer, thought I would chime in. Shampoo / Conditioner: Pureology Pure Volume or Bumble & Bumble Surf Foam Wash (I am going back and forth and like both a ton). Also try the Catwalk / TiGi Salt Spray -- I like it just a tad better than the BB one.

  2. What kind of shampoo/conditioner do you use? I still haven't found a "favorite" yet.


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