and that's what my iphone has to say about that


Oh hi there! Remember me? I guess in all of the craziness that was travel and Father's Day weekend, I took an unplanned break from ye olde blog.  Sorry about that, but honestly, I was feeling a little maxed out in every aspect of my life.  And it was nice to take a step back from everything (literally, we got out of town) and really reboot.  I can't say that I'm totally there yet but I'm working on it.  So without further ado, I thought I'd let my iPhone do the talking for me as to what we've been up to recently and if you are ever searching for a bit of a fix, you can always catch up with me on instagram.

[Michigan Ave Tiffany & Co ready for the BlackHawks Stanley Cup win] 

[the bean]

[famous chicago hot dogs]

 [even more famous Chicago pizza]

[what one wears for a rainy/humid day]

[belated anniversary drinks @ Pops for Champagne]

[Father's Day baseball at the Knights]

[whole family pre-game]

[hot dogs & foam swords FTW]

[Father's Day Low Country Boil]

[corn eating king]

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