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There are little things that I know about three-year-olds, beyond the tons of articles which tout them as tiny little, tantrum-throwing dictators.  And I have to say that based on current experience, though somewhat exaggerated, those accounts are not entirely too far off.  Three is tough for all those involved, but mostly because the mood changes at a breakneck speed.  One moment you are enjoying a cup of lemonade and the next moment it turns out that the beloved lemonade is the culprit of the most highest offense (still yet to be determined because, you know, three year olds) and your once sane, loving little three year old is in tears and beside himself over something that you can't fix.  (Trust me, even the president understands).

It's probably the most challenging age, but what these articles about three year olds often don't cover is how much fun these little humans are.  You get this awesome glimpse into the person that they are becoming.  These days peanut has his own little personality; he's a walking, talking (albeit sometimes devoid of adult logic) little person.  It's so much fun to see them grow, how this imagination at this age takes on a life of it's own, and how sweet and wonderful those moments in between really are.   And like most three year olds, this tough dynamic of rational versus irrational comes from their resoluteness in their beliefs and their development in how to navigate world that they are growing into.  He's resolute in his belief that dragons love tacos, that firetrucks all come with fire dogs, and that all mean dogs are named Rufus.  He's certain that green apples are the best apples, that ranch dressing is it's own food group, and that everyday is a cause for strawberry lemonade.  It's this resoluteness that as a parent you hope your child keeps-the ability to stay true to your beliefs and stay the course.  It's a double-edged sword and one that we'll continue to navigate, I'm sure, up through adulthood.  I also am not under any impression that we have it hard with peanut.  Though we have our daily smaller battles, by-in-large, he's a really easy going kid.  Full of 'pleases' and 'thanks yous' and 'I love you mosts' and the occasional sass.  He's (usually) quick to share (what he is willing to give) and at the end of the day loves to read and be surrounded by his loveies.

And in the meantime, as we continue to learn together (and I consume large amounts of wine at night), there is one thing I know for certain about three year olds - They love ponies, especially the ones named Batman.

[throwing shade, all day every day #sassafras] 

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