Happy Friday + Link Love



Happy Friday y'all!  Hope you've had a stellar week - we are at a full on sprint these days between travels and work and personal life.  Which means, this weekend we are taking it easy.  We have a long time friend coming in town and I'm looking forward to some good wine, good friends, and some sleep.

+ These are hilarious (and yes if you are wondering, you really do sound that ridiculous using the term 'on fleek', regardless of your age)

+ My childhood heart skipped a beat when I saw this trailer #jemforlife

+ Can I get an amen on the removal of these phrases from your work dialogue

+ I totally subscribe to the 'yes and....' rule in life - both professionally and personally (PS - Amy Poehler is my home girl)

+ Britney's back, and better than ever

Hope you & yours have a lovely weekend!

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