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[Capsule Collection]

Curating my closet has always been a goal of mine.  Essentially, I work to ensure that my closet is shoppable - full of pieces that are easy, versatile, and that I love. I've read before on the concept of a capsule collection - finding a set amount of pieces (I've seen as few as 12 and as much as 50) which are interchangeable and cutting our the clutter of our closets.  (I'm looking at you, old-shirt-that-you've-had-for-10-years-just-in-case-you-go-clubbing-again).  One of my girlfriend's shared this link with me this week and I sought out on curating a capsule collection for the Spring/Summer.  I've landed on 29 pieces which I think cover the range from casual to a night out on the town; are comfortable (think silks, cottons with generous cuts); good quality; and decent price points.  These you can easily interchange for easy, looks and then accessorize with pieces that will pop and make you stand out as well (statement necklaces, fun earrings, etc.).

Tops (7): I focused on a few old stand-bys (chambray, striped tshirts, classic tees and camis) and supplemented those with a few subtle prints, different fabrics, and bolder colors.

Bottoms (6): I stuck with my tried and trues - a pair of denim shorts, two pairs of skinnies (denim and white), a striped skirt, a pair of boyfriend jeans (I live in mine), and a pair of wide-legged trousers.

Shoes (7): I would recommend neutrals in a variety of options - a flip flop (I swear by Havianas), a flat dressier pair of sandals, two pairs of sneakers (converse (musts in my book) and a shiny pair of New Balances), a pair of wedges, a pair of dressy heels, and a fun pair of pumps.

Dresses (3): A maxi dress (one that I cannot live without and is such a good buy), a LWD (little white dress), and a shorter tunic which can be dressed up or dressed down for a day at the beach.

Outerwear (3): A field jacket, a denim jacket, and a classic trench - all easy to dress up or down, versatile and classic. If you decide to do capsule collections for other seasons, these could easily transition into the Fall.

Some overall tips for building your own capsule collection:

+ Avoid fast fashion brands (e.g., Forever21).  Generally, it is a good idea to avoid these brands, but if you are going to be wearing at a high frequency, you'll want pieces that can withstand wear and wash and wear well!

+ Choose pieces that are classic, rather than trendy.  Think classic lines, good fabrics, more neutral colors

+ Think comfort

I'd love to hear if any of you do this and if so, what pieces do you swear by.  If you don't, what pieces would fit into your capsule collection for the spring/summer? 

Hope you & yours have a lovely weekend!

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