Happy Friday + Link Love



Happy Friday y'all! It's been quite the week - I've been working all week to regain my voice (yay allergy season!).  It's been a practice in patience, which is not one of my strong suits (surprise!).  Overall, I'm ready for the weekend - parties, date night, and quality time with my two guys.  Before we kick the weekend off right, check out what I've been loving around the interwebs.

+ The art of not giving a F - if you have't read this article, it's worth a gander.

+ This infographic is so interesting and explains my unnatural pain threshold for heels

+ A read on the future of the Gap

+ Definitely going to be trying out this recipe sooner rather than later, but maybe with tuna

+ I'm an avid follower of Theo & Beau, but the mother behind the duo is such a beautiful writer.  Her post this past week on holidays articulated why I love holidays with our little guy.

+ How #flawless came to mean plainly, powerfully, something unbroken, something defiantly whole.

+ Don't forget to shop my Stella and Dot Trunk show.  Any purchases earn you an extra 2 entries to win a renegade bracelet (one of my all time faves)

Hope you & yours have a lovely weekend!

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