microfashion: hatch for kids


If you follow me on instagram, you've probably noticed the (sometimes obnoxious) documentation of our little peanut's outfit choices.  Dubbed 'microfashion', I've taken to sharing some of the looks and brands that we love.  I thought that I'd take this to the blog as I often get a ton of questions about where I do my shopping for our miniature human.  This week, I'm sharing Hatch for Kids.  Hatch has a collection of unique tees and accessories for baby through toddler.  Liam rocks his 'Straight Outta Portland' tee like it's his job...or as we affectionately call it in our household, TWA (Toddler with Attitude) tee.  They are super soft and hold up to the wear and tear of an active kid - color me sold.

Would love to hear if you have any favorite brands for us to try out!

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