haute beauty: ecaille


ecaille (noun): shell (of tortoise or oyster); tortoiseshell (manufacturing material)

You remember when ombre was all the rage? Well, ombre now as a spunkier sister, ecaille.  Derived from the french term for shell or tortoiseshell, this hair color is more multidimensional with all of those gorgeous golden blondes, honey, chestnut, and mahogany colors that we've come to love in the material.  The color is typically painted on rather than foiled (think longer hair appointments and likely more expensive), but the results, I think, are totally worth it.  Blake Lively showed up during fashion week in NY sporting this coloring and though I'm inclined to believe that her's was a happy coincidence of new-mom-who-has-time-for-a-cut-and-color hair and her impeccable style, I think that in-and-of itself is a good endorsement for the hair trend - think lower maintenance? Or perhaps, that's just my wishful thinking.  Either way, I do think it's worth a whirl in the salon next time.  For me, I have an upcoming appointment, so maybe I'll be giving it a try myself.

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