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midnight in the garden of good and evil


[the window seat in the foyer of the house]

Happy Tuesday folks! I hope you and yours had a lovely Memorial Day Weekend.  Our little family headed further south to the lovely town of Savannah to spend our long weekend in a darling little gingerbread cottage in the historic district.  It was a really fantastic weekend with good food, enough activities, and relaxation to really qualify as the perfect long weekend. Since this post is verbose and picture heavy, I thought I'd spare those who don't want to read on.

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If we are being honest, we entered into this weekend not knowing too much about Savannah.  I will research international travel, but domestic travel, I am more of a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants type of person.  Heck, had we done our research, we probably would have actually watched Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil as it appears to be quite a big deal to the city.  (I'll add it to our list.)  But not knowing much about the city did make us enthusiastic and easy to impress tourists though, so I'll take it.

[trolley riding] 

[deliriously happy trolley riding]

We took a trolley tour - which solidified Peanut's love of trolleys...really, it was all he talked about the rest of the trip.  So basically it's perfect for anyone, but especially those with toddlers as there are frequent stops which you can get off and walk around and in 15-20 minutes another trolley appears to continue on your tour.  On one of which, we were able to talk a jaunt through Forsyth Park and ran into King of Pops, which has an outpost in Charlotte.

[spanish moss....apparently a member of the pineapple family (and might be why I love it so much)- who knew?!]

[King of Pops...and a pop thief]

We also ate at some really fantastic places.  I should pause here and give some pretty hefty kudos to The Olde Pink House.  Every single person whom I spoke to about going to Savannah instantly said, You have to check out The Olde Pink House and then just as quickly followed it up by....it miiiiight not be the most kid-friendly place.  What you should probably know about me is that I am not the type of person who shys away from bringing our toddler to nice restaurants to eat only at kid-friendly establishments who categorically have not-so-great food options for adults.  I am a big proponent that by exposing your child to these dining experiences, not only will it (hopefully) expand their palette but also provide a teaching opportunity for the child to begin to slowly learn appropriate table manners and behaviors.  I'm not saying that it's always pretty, but it's what we are working with in our household.

With the knowledge that The Olde Pink House might not be an incredibly kid-friendly establishment, we arrived (with the early birds - also strategic) armed with every goodie in our how-to-distract-and-pacify-your-toddler-handbook.  And I have to say, The Olde Pink House staff far surpassed any and all of our expectations.  They were accommodating; they handled our toddler fantastically; and in turn (thanks to Netflix) our toddler was well(ish) behaved.  Score one for us.  All of this is to say- you must try The Olde Pink House and don't be scurred to dine with toddlers.

[fancy family]

Other than food, we spent the vast majority of our time wandering around.  Renting a house in the historic district made it easy to simply step outside of our door and walk around.  Savannah has all of these hidden nooks and crannies which made for great finds as you stroll along.  Logistically it was fantastic as well because it allowed for easy naps and afforded us adults a great place to hang out after the little Peanut went down for the night.  After a leisurely weekend in Savannah, we've definitely decided we will be going back.  

[back porch wining]

[clubbed-foot bathtub shenanigans]

[crab and fried green tomato eggs benedict at Huey's on the River]

[Sunday Funday at Carolina Moon Beer Garden]

[historic wooden floors for the truck win]



[a must-stop venue before we left]

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  1. I loved The Olde Pink House. It was one of my favorite dining experiences I have ever had. I went there just after restaurant week and had a perfect meal. I ate downstairs at the bar which was really dark, but full of life. Great little place. I love Savannah and can't wait to go back as well. Looks like you and your family had a great time.

  2. I love Savannah! One of my favorite getaways!! Olde Pink House is just a staple when it comes dining! Next time might I suggest Rocks on the Rooftop (bar on top of the Bohemian overlooking the river), a walking ghost tour, a performance by Lady Chamblis - READ Midnight In The Garden before you see her! - and a stop at Savannah Smiles for dueling pianos!


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