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lemon + mint


When I was 5ish months pregnant, we took a little jaunt to the middle east to visit with some friends who were living out there at the time.  Though I could not partake in the adult beverages we usually enjoy with said friends, I was introduced to a delightful drink; which though at the time I chalked my love up to my pregnancy hormones, I still love to this day.  The combination of lemon plus the refreshing zest of mint is perfect for the spring and summer months and it's super easy to re-create at home.

You'll Need:
- 8 Lemons (enough for approximately 3/4 cups of juice)
- 3/4 cup sugar
- 1/4 cup mint, finely chopped
- 8 cups cold water
- crushed ice

How to:
Blend water, lemon, sugar, and mint in a blender.  Pour over crushed ice and serve with mint garnish.

To make this seriously easy recipe even easier, try our Simply Lemonade in lieu of the lemon, water, and sugar.  Simply Lemonade is a great substitute without so many additives that you find in other pre-prepared juices.  Also, if you are looking for a little fizz, try subbing Sanpellegrino Lemonata.

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  1. first off this is so beautiful and colorful and looks straight out of a magazine and second this drink sounds super yummy!

    XO Meghan
    citrus fashion


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