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Tried & True: DryBar Detox Dry Shampoo


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I can't begin to tell you how long I've search for a dry shampoo; it probably actually started right before we had Peanut when I realized that showers might be a precious commodity after he was born and I had better figure out an easy, low maintenance way to keep my hair under control.  Regardless, I'm stoked to say that not only has that search ended, but I think that I've found a well-rounded dry shampoo for all.

Most of the woes of dry shampoo that I hear frequently are: it doesn't work; the residue shows in my hair; the smell isn't great.  Well DryBar's Detox dry shampoo doesn't only work, but it works well, with no residue (there's a brunette option for darker hair) and it smells great.  I'm definitely putting my stamp of approval on this one.  And here's another tip for you today: try putting in the dry shampoo at night and sleep on it for the next day - it give the dry shampoo time to absorb oil and settle into your hair.  

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