and that's what my iPhone has to say about that: birthday weekend edition


[spring time sunshine + ohjoy for Target party supplies]

If we are really being honest with each other, every birthday after you hit 21 lacks a little je ne sais quoi; whether it is the fact that you are no long anticipating a huge milestone (driving, hitting adulthood, or being able to legal belly up to a bar) or the fact that you are getting older, I have found most birthdays after 21 to be fun, but just not as the younger birthdays were.  But this weekend and birthday has proven my theory above completely wrong.  We kicked off the birthday weekend on Thursday with my family who was in town and then traveled up to DC to spend some much needed time with family & friends.  I thought I'd let my iPhone cache do some of the talking for me.

[ready to hit the road]

[trains, trains, trains]

[first official MLB game]

[what happens when you offer a toddler on a growth spurt popcorn - he commandeers the whole box]


[gorgeous birthday cake my bestie made for a fabulous birthday celebration]

A special thanks for everyone who helped make my birthday extra special.  It truly meant so much to me.  Let the birth-month festivities continue!

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  1. I am usually not very big on celebrating my birthdays. Even when I was younger.

    Your birthday looks like it was great. Happy late birthday.


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