Nearly eight months ago, Scott looked at me and said, "What do you think about me interviewing for this position?"  We knew that there was a chance that the position would be filled outside of Raleigh, where we were residing at the time.  More than residing, where we had built a life.  A life filled with friends who had become family, with co-workers & colleagues who had supported us through many a life milestones from buying our first home to engagement to marriage to first child; with all of the familiarity that makes you call a place home - from the local haunts, to the place we ordered Chinese food every Sunday evening, to running into people we knew everywhere we went.  And within a month, Scott had been offered the position and we had packed up our lives, put our house on the market, and have moved in with my parents while we house hunted in a new area.  It happened so quickly that honestly my emotions surrounding moving didn't catch up with me for awhile.  I had put my project manager hat on and it was one foot in front of the other in a place that was vaguely familiar (as I spent my high school years in the Charlotte area) where we didn't really know anyone with both of us transitioning into new roles for us: Scott in a new company and me in the same position but home based.  The pace of change was maddening for both of us and it challenged us in ways that I didn't know possible.  It was tough, it was sometimes painful, and it wasn't always pretty.

But despite all of that, I consider us incredibly fortunate.  First and foremost, we were able to sell our home in Raleigh very quickly.  We found an amazing realtor in Charlotte who was incredible throughout our unexpectedly long home buying process (I mean, we knew that the summer months are generally slower, but wow).  We were also able to move our whole family at once - no splitting time between two area codes, no one playing single parent throughout the week, no corralling dog & baby when home buyers showed up at a moments notice when dinner had just been started.  We were also amazingly fortunate to have a son who was a rockstar throughout the process - he was far more resilient than we were at times.

I was working the other day and noticed that our Coco had settled herself just underneath my desk at my feet when I worked.  It was a simple gesture, one that she had done so many times before at our home in Raleigh, but not since we had moved to Charlotte had she been so calm and content.  I think it's because she's sensed all of the change in our lives and the anxiety it had caused our whole family, herself included.  But with her simple act of curling up at my feet, it seemed as if we had finally made it to the end of our transition and starting on a new adventure here.

As for us, we are slowly getting into the swing of things.  Our home is starting to feel more like our own as we decorate and find pieces to fill it; work for both of us, albeit crazy at times, has seems a bit more normal; and we are finding our way with new haunts, faces, and places to call our own.  It's a process and as a constant cart-before-the-horse kinda girl, I feel irritated by the pace at times, but ultimately, we are happy to be here.  And Peanut refers to our new home as 'Liam's home' and what more could you ask for than that?

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  1. Best wishes in Charlotte! At least you didn't have to move out of the state or across the country.

    Plus, if you really want that Chinese food, it's only two and a half hours away for a Sunday drive. I'm curious, btw, about which one it is? I'm a big fan of China King at Cary Crossroads. :)

  2. So glad to hear it is starting to feel like home. The new office looks amazing! Just wait till Halloween- you will get to see the neighborhood in full force! More mini-batsmen, firemen, and princesses than you can imagine!

  3. I know how hard it can be moving. I hope that Charlotte treats you well.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights


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