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confessions of a converted over-packer



These days I've found myself more and more on the road for work.  Work travel isn't always the most fun, but I feel like it's given me the opportunity to fine-tune my packing skills.  To give you some background, I am a classic over-packer; or rather, I used to me.  Give me a square inch and I'll take it. ('But what if I need that second sequin shirt?!', I'd say. 'See it can squeeze in right there.') Trust me, you don't need that extra piece of clothing, but what you do need is a well though out wardrobe to pack with you that allows for flexibility and ease.  It's a game-changer and definitely worth figuring out what works best for you so that you can carry on and not drag along all of these extraneous pieces that won't get used.  Here are a few of my tried and true tips:

* Pick a color scheme as a foundation and stick to it (e.g., either brown or black) - For work, I usually stick with black because it's more sleek.

* Head to your local cosmetic counter for sample sizes - I refuse to live without my creams and cleansers when I travel because it's even more important to keep your skin hydrated after plane trips. Having smaller sized goodies is the only way to make it through TSA.

* Pick clothing items that work just has hard as you will - I always travel with my Gap slim cropped pants because they are something that I can dress up or dress down, are comfortable, and are difficult to wrinkle.

[Events: Night out // Meeting Session]

* Unpack as soon as you can upon arrival - It's no fun to live out of a suitcase, even if it is for a night.  It also allows for your clothes to naturally unwrinkle and avoids that panic in the morning when you are running late and realize you also need to iron.

Here's a peak at some of my other outfits for my latest work trip:

[Day 1 (Training Day): JCrew Dress & Etta Pumps // Day 1 (Welcome Reception): BR Dress & Christian Louboutin pumps // Day 1 (Travel): JCrew tops, CoH Denim, Tieks]

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  1. I've always been an overpacker as well. This is a fantastic post! I especially love how you suggested to pick a color scheme. Great idea. Also unpacking as soon as you get there. Rummaging through stuff is so annoying!

  2. I'm such an overpacker too! These are great tips- especially about choosing a palette.

  3. great tips! i always over pack too, mostly bc my clothes are so colorful they don't always go together. LOL


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