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millions of peaches



This time of year marks the beginning of my favorite time of year...peach season.  Which means lots of fun ways to integrate peach into your life.  From recipes, to beauty products, to beautiful fabric hues - there are lots of options to choose from.  Here are a few peach items that I'm lusting for this season:

Are you as in love with peaches as I am?

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  1. I love peaches, too! Bath & Body Works came out with a peach candle this season that smells SOO good!

  2. Oh how I love peach season. The desserts are endless! I will be berry picking next weekend for blackberrys and blueberrys before the season is to hot for them. But bring on the peaches!


  3. OH yes!!! I love them. Especially grilled peaches. Yumm!


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