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Things have been insane recently; work has been busy, personally we've been stretched thin, but this weekend, something great happened - we slowed down.  Ok so maybe my body mandated a little that I slow down, but none-the-less, I consider it the universe sending me a cosmic message. And with that here's a little update on what we've been up to!

[purses, bags, & hunters, ohmy!] [an outfit for our anniversary celebration a la joie & manolo]

[finally peach season]

[post-anniversary lavender vanilla cupcake]

[sometimes life calls for an old school brownie sundae]

[peanut, the peach bandit]

[peony bouquet that keeps getting more & more beautiful as the days go by]

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  1. Glad that things are slowing down for you! Where do you work?

  2. This post is just filled with all things pretty and cute. That cupcake look so good! Love your dress and your little guy is the best dressed baby on the block, for sure.

  3. So glad you guys had a relaxing and slower paced weekend!!!! Love seeing pics of your lil' guy, he is just precious!

    xo Dinah @ sunshine super glam

  4. Adorable pictures of the baby!

    If you get a sec, check out my latest post 'Holy Chic'. A really cute t shirt I just got. Check out the way I styled it.


  5. Lovely photos!! Thanks for sharing them <3

    I'd love it if you can drop by mine and check out my latest post: www.fashchronicles.blogspot.com

  6. Looks like you guys had a great weekend! I love your son's little whale shorts.



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