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Getting older is such a drag....


unless you have some fabulous friends to celebrate with you!

[Birthday Shoes]

I know what you are thinking, "this chicks birthday was at the beginning of the month, why are we still talking about it.' Well my friends, I celebrate my birthday for the entire month and especially since this one was such a milestone, I figure why not, right?! Over the weekend my fabulous friends convened to attend a Drag Queen Bingo event to benefit the AAS-C.  It was an amazingly fun event for such an important cause! And my girlfriends help me celebrate the entry into this new decade like no one else truly could. I'm so truly lucky to have them all!

[birthday hat & party accoutrements]

[thank you pinterest for lovely party ideas]

[spoils of a successful night at bingo]

Stay tuned this week for my birthday look, my summer cocktail of choice, and Gatsby-inpsired baubles!

Hope you & yours had a lovely weekend!

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