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hey shamrock, step off my valentine


 photo 2_zps3fa8617b.jpg photo 1_zps324b0952.jpg
[shirt: JCrew // skirt: LOFT // belt: JCrew // shoes: vince camuto // purse: kate spade // pins: ban.do // baubles: JCrew, Michael Kors, Blee Inara]

My biggest pet peeve is how quickly retail moves onto the next holiday.  I'm a separatist when it comes to my holidays.  And to that end, I'm a believer that Valentine's Day shouldn't just be a day, but your love for those in your life should be something that is celebrated all year.  However, I take the entire month of February to celebrate Valentine's Day.  Come March 1st, I suppose I'll get jazzed for St. Patrick's Day, but until then...step off my Valentine's!

 photo 4_zpsd8c36bbc.jpg

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  1. great outfit i love it!


  2. I love the red and pink together! So cute! I think retailers are so desperate to make money and that is why they jump the gun on the holidays...


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  3. Love your post! Outfit is just lovely and yes I completely agree with you on the holidays. I detest how retail starts decorating for Christmas now before Halloween! Crazy!

    xo Lulu

  4. You look so cute! And I totally agree, holidays should not be rushed!!!


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