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Game Change



Dear Bey,

Thank you for coming out and showing the previous SuperBowl Halftime Show Performers how it's done.  I cannot remember a better executed, more entertaining SuperBowl Halftime Show in recent memory.  You looked absolutely fantastic and completely killed it. (Please send me your work out plan and personal trainer ASAP).  Let's set up a play date for Blue Ivy and Liam soon, OK? Liam misses his future wife.

xoxo, C

PS - Thanks for the throw back to Destiny's Child - my youth thanks you.

So what did you think? Did Beyonce tear the house down enough to cause the power outage?

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  1. cannot believe destinys child performed!!!!! amazeballs!


  2. She was so amazing! And I kept thinking 'I want Michelle's hair.' Normal reaction, of course.

  3. i LOVED the performance, i thought she was amazing

  4. the excitement i felt when destiny's child came on stage was a little embarrassing. i was squealing like no ones business!



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