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I'm going to level with you - being petite really is annoying.  And finding enough feedback about how a piece of clothing really fits on someone my size and not a twig, tall model, is even harder to come by, then throw in that sizing differs between store and, sometimes, I go into a downward spiral.
When I was approached by the team behind a new iPhone app, BeauCoo, I was a little skeptical.  iPhone apps are a dime a dozen and I was wondering what made this one so unique.  What I found was an awesome resource for shopaholics shoppers to see not only how pieces are fitting on real bodies, but also how people are styling them.  

BeauCoo is a resource for people of all body types to connect and share your shopping and styling experience.  The dashboard are easy to use, simply and intuitively designed, and pretty.  You can like people's looks, follow others, and post your own as you shop.  BeauCoo allows you to link with other women who match your measurements and virtually shop along with them.  The app also includes store location and sends you targeted offers and promotions. (Really, what's not to love about discounts?!)

Overall, I think that it's a great resource for me in finding out how items fit on women that are similar to my size, at different stores, and gives me some fun inspiration on how to style the looks. 

BeauCoo is available via the iTunes App store and is FREE.  Check it, double deck it!

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  1. Looking forward to seeing you on BeauCoo! Love your blog by the way, added it to my favourites. :)

    1. Thanks so much Chelsea! Look forward to using it! :)

  2. so lovely post, great collection.


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