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It's very likely that even if you don't use Estee Lauder's products, you are familiar with the name.  The line has been synonymous with beauty for over 50 years.  Now Aerin Lauder, creative director the beauty brand and granddaughter to Estee herself, is starting up a new line of her own, Aerin.  The first collection from this list in focused around the essentials; think versatile powders, lip conditioners, and body creams.  Based on the pictures on line, the packaging looks pretty, simply classic and understated.

What else makes this line so intriguing is the woman behind it.  Aerin comes by her involvement in the beauty industry naturally, but she's earned it in her own right.  Described by many as a keen business woman who has an eye for design and knows what she wants, I think that she's poised to rock this line and whatever she wants, for that matter.

    By all accounts this line should knock it out of the park.  I cannot wait to give it a whirl myself.  

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