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How To: Be Happy with your Hair Salon Trip


Finding a hair stylist is serious business, at least for me.  Next to Hubs, my relationship with my hair stylist is the next important relationship in my life.  Perhaps it's because I've been burned in the past, or maybe it is just that I am very particular about my hair, but whatever the reason, I have always walked away from a hair appointment happy and with a refreshed hair style.  It's all too often that I hear from other women, "I'm just not happy with my hair. I wish that I hadn't done..." For that reason, I have come up with some sure-fire ways to ensure a great experience next time you are sitting in your hair stylist's chair.

1) Select the right stylist for you: Once I identified a salon that I wanted to try, I called to make an appointment and told the receptionist what my hair type and color was, as well as what services I wanted to have done.  By disclosing exactly what I wanted up front, the salon was able to pair me with someone who specialized in what my needs were.

2) Arrive at your appointment prepared: Look through magazines and bring lots of pictures from different views of the same hair style or color that you are interested in.

[I usually look at fashion magazines, as well as People and Us Weekly for inspiration]

3) Have an honest conversation with your hair stylist: Try as I might, I know that my hair has serious limitations and some hair styles, no matter how much I love them, will simply not work with my hair or face type.  And additionally, find a hair stylist who is not afraid to tell you no.  Sometimes we are our own worst enemies when it comes to hair styles or colors and having someone to tell you no is always helpful.

5) Know your own limitations: While going extreme and dying or cutting hair in a completely different way than what you are used to may sound fun, if you don't like change or handle change well, ease into what you want to do.  By going in phases, you may be more apt to enjoy your hair style. (It also won't be as much of a shock to those around you).

[The craziest that I've gotten ever was dying my hair dark (twice)]

4) Be your own advocate: During the hair cut and style, don't be afraid to ask questions and tell them if there is something happening that you don't like or is not what you wanted.

5) Pay attention to how your hair stylist styles your hair:  Especially if you hair style is more involved, making sure that you know how to re-create the style is part of the key to being happy with your hair. And PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE.  For me, it's not the first time that I get my hair right, but it takes a few tries to perfect it.

And if you are local and looking for a fantastic salon, check out Salon Blu.  All of their locations are fantastic!

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  1. Great advice girl! I've had that freak out moment once or twice but overall have been lucky with my stylists. I just cut bangs and I'm loving the change but it definitely changes my look. Most people are very complimentary but some people don't even recognize me. You never really how important you hair is until something tragic happens haha



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