Beachy Keen


A year ago, we were sharing the good news of our soon-to-be peanut with our relatives on our yearly beach vacation in Duck, NC.  This year, we actually have said Peanut with us.

I grew up going to OBX with my family, in Duck specifically.  Our yearly vacations to the beach were such an integral part of my childhood and I have such fond memories of spending time at the beach with my family.  This year is extra special to me because we got to start a whole new chapter for our little family by introducing Liam to the beach.  Not only that, but he got to spend some quality time with his Pops, Nona, Aunts, Uncles, and cousins - I love the beautiful chaos that a big family vacation at the beach means.  And being able to see our Peanut interact with his family is beyond heart warming.  We simply cannot wait for more years to come.

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