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The High and Low of it....


[Jacket: Cache/Skirt: Sanctuary/Shoes: Sam Edelman/Jewelry: Michael Kors, JCrew, Kate Spade, Social Experiment]

I dig on a good juxtaposition.  Which is likely why I am beyond obsessed with the high-low trend this year.

Funny story about these shoes: my MIL bought them for me last year when I was pregnant (and in denial about my swelling situation).  When I took them out to wear them for an event, it looked like a snake was eating my feet.  Not pretty.  So I reluctantly returned them for fear that I'd never have my small feet again.  Lucky for me, my feet returned...and these bad boys went on sale.

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  1. ooh la la! i love that skirt and shoes!

  2. You're lucky, I heard a lot about how feet tend to grow half a size during pregnancy


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