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Room for a Baby


What most of you probably don't know is Hubs is an interior designer and an incredibly talented one at that.  Not that you'd know it from the space that we live in because mostly I spend my time derailing all of this grand plans with my musings and un-executeable requests that most of the time don't make sense for our space.  Not to mention we have differing tastes (although over the years they've melded a bit more) and agreeing on something takes nothing less than a peace summit.  It's taken me over 4 years of living together to acknowledge this and I wouldn't dare tell him (and he rarely reads my blog, so he may never know that I have admitted this).  The point of this rambling is that I really gave him full on creative license for Baby Mac's room.  Boys rooms are really not as creatively fun as girl rooms (in my opinion) and honestly I had NO idea where to start.  Let me take that back, I knew where to start, but my original plans couldn't be executed per usual.  So Hubs toiled thanklessly for months to paint and outfit our little one's room and re-organize our home to accommodate the newest addition.  (Making room in our townhome was an endeavor in and of itself that is still going on).  He did an amazing job and I am so incredibly excited about the outcome.

What was important to us was that the room not be uber cutesy baby.  No huge cartoon animals on the walls, no pastels-it's just not our style and we figured that he'd have his whole young life to want rooms that were themed in the latest movie or fad that kids are into.  We wanted the nursery to be an extension of our home.  And with that, we decided on classic americana (aka Planes, Trains, and Automobiles).

We incorporated elements that also were significant to our families.  The photos over the crib are of a classic GTO fender, a car the Hubs' father owns 2 of; the bomber from WWII that my grandfather was a navigator on; and a railroad car for the line that both of Hub's grandfathers worked.  Also, I have decided that the giraffe will be Liam's fave animal and so it was only fitting that his first stuffed animal be a giraffe (Ralph, the giraffe to be exact.)

Details of the top of the dresser and more artwork in the room.

Some of our favorite books that we hope Liam embraces and loves just as much as we did as children.

Zuny bookend to celebrate Liam being a dragon baby.  Funny story: Hubs hated this bookend when I showed it to him (strategically after it had been ordered).  However, when it came in, he loved it. (Boom. Sometimes I have my moments). Something that we both enjoy are unexpected details that are both different and have a meaning beyond just being an object. 


Remember these letters? My girlfriend made them for our baby shower in DC and we brought them home with the intention of repainting them; however, we loved the pop of yellow in the room (it kinda reminds us of a comic book - KAPOW) that we kept them as they are.  And yes, there's a moustache in my son's room.  Why would this be surprising.  We actually have two smaller prints that go with this set that we've yet to hang.  

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  1. Looks great!! I'm also not into pastels or the cookie cutter monkeys and cartoon rooms. Love that the pictures are so meaningful! My Bopo was also a bomber on B-17s in WWII :)

  2. Wow the room looks great, your husband did a great job! Great book collection too but you're missing Goodnight Moon!

  3. awwwww that's so cute! i love that he took such an interest in it too, i mean i know that's his job, but still, i love it.


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