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What I miss most about my pre-pregnancy days


Hopefully by the time this post publishes, Baby Mac will have arrived and the Giants will have won the Super Bowl.  However, if he hasn't, Baby Mac has been served his eviction notice.  If he doesn't decide to grace us with his presence by Thursday, I'm being induced.  (Something that I have mixed feelings about.)  This pregnancy has been incredibly easy.  It's really hard to complain when I've had such a great experience, but now that I have exceeded the home stretch of pregnancy, I'm longing for several items from my pre-pregnancy days.

My shoe collection....


Wine, champagne and cocktails.....


My wedding set....


Sushi (and the real stuff, not the cooked stuff)....


Skinny Jeans....


Don't get me wrong, giving up all of these things are completely and totally worth it to have a wonderfully amazing little bundle of joy at the end of it all, but there are just some things that I'll be happy to get back at the end of it all.

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