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A Weekend Full of Love (And Pictures)


I feel like I probably have said this a lot recently, but we are incredibly fortunate.  Not only are both of us in excellent places in our lives and expecting our first baby in January, but was have an incredibly wonderful group of friends that we are happy/proud/humbled to call our own.  This past weekend, our friends from college gathered in the DC area (on the eve of the ACC Championship Game, no less) to celebrate the upcoming arrival of our little Liam.  

Our good friends hosted the party for us and did such an amazing job.  I was floored with the attention to detail, the personal touches, and the amazing menu.  My girlfriend and bestie is an event planner by trade and has an amazing sense of style so it should have come as no surprise to me, but she really upped her game. Since it was a couples shower, it was definitely more of a social affair (just how I like showers!) and she incorporate my favorite print (chevron) into practically everything, along with grey and yellow (I die over this color combo). Enjoy the details!

[William Alexander]

[To-die-for sweets bar - a veritable paradise for a pregnant woman]

[Puffs that her wonderful husband worked on with her - you know you have a good man when....]

Guests were asked to bring a book to help grow Baby Mac's library.  I loved the idea of people bringing their favorites, books that their children loved, and books that they loved.  It'll be so nice to read to Liam from these books and tell him about all the wonderful people who contributed and why the books are so meaningful to them.  

Among my faves was a book given to me by the hostess, This Little Piggy Went to Prada, which is a take on all of the classic nursery rhymes.  How clever and super fun!  Liam will be well versed in the designers by the time he is in preschool. 

Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who was able to make it Saturday! We love you all so very much and are so incredibly thankful to have you in our lives.   

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  1. How sweet! Everything looks so beautiful!

  2. Seems like yesterday Emily, you, and I were chatting about having a baby at the CN Christmas party. The word "happy" cannot begin to describe how I feel about the upcoming arrival of W.A.M....the most stylish baby Raleigh has ever seen! Sending our love and prayers for a safe and speedy delivery! - Mike, Sarah & Mason Lee

  3. sooooooo sweet, i love the colors!


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