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Weekend in Pictures


This weekend Hubs and I traveled down to Charlotte to spend some time with my family.  And not just my parents, but my fabulously wonderful extended family who flew and drove in from all over the place to get together to celebrate the memory of my wonderful great aunt.  This past weekend was the weekend that, when she was alive, we always got together to celebrate her birthday.  My great aunt (who was really like my great grandmother for all intents and purposes) lived to the ripe old age of 102 and was still kickin' up until the day she decided to leave us.  The get-togethers haven't changed much since her passing and are still filled with amazing food (a la my mother, who is an insane and amazing hostess), football, laughs, and usually a really good glass of wine or two (none for me-calm it down peeps).

[Me 27 Weeks Pregnant-Hunker down, it's getting serious folks]

[A little bit of sparkly and leopard]

Hope you and yours had a wonderful weekend! Happy Monday and cheers to a good week!

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