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Guest Post from Love, Lipstick, and Pearls


Meet Kristen of Love, Lipstick, and Pearls.  Not only does she give spot on beauty product reviews/advice, but she is also an incredibly fabulous person.  She is a newlywed (her wedding was super fabulous!).  Kristen also has fantastic taste as well.  I was stoked when she agreed to do a guest post for me and I hope you enjoy!

Love, Lipstick, and 


Hi lovelies!  My name is Kristen and I'm from Love, Lipstick, and Pearls.  I am so excited to be a guest post for Chelsea while she's on vacation.  Hope you're having a great time! She had some really great questions for me and I'm excited to share my answers with you guys!

You just recently got married (Congrats again!). What is the thing you are enjoying the most about married life and what's the most surprising thing that you've learned so far?
The thing I'm enjoying the most about married life is living together. We waited until after the honeymoon to move in and I've loved it! It's so wonderful being around him and sleeping next to him each night.
The most surprising thing is that, other than living together, nothing much has changed besides combining our bank accounts.  At first, I was embarrassed to tell people this because it sounds so boring, and then someone told me it's a great reflection on our relationship and I've been happy ever since with that answer.  Oh and getting used to your new last name is super weird.  I'm used to hearing my first name and new last name together because his sister and I share the same first name, but using it for myself is still taking some getting used to.

When it comes to you, I have some serious hair envy. What is your daily hair routine? What products do you recommend and any secrets you'd like to share?

Thank you so much! My daily hair routine is really simple. I wash my hair every 3-4 days, I usually blow dry it with my head upside down for volume, but these summer months I’ve let it air dry while I sleep because it’s just too hot to use the dryer. My favorite products I use is Dove Damage Therapy deep conditioner (see my review here), I use this every other week (I would use it once a week if I washed my hair daily or every other day) and it’s really helped keep my hair strong and healthy. I also always use Herbal Essence Long Term Relationship leave-in conditioner, Tressemme 24hr Body mousse (I really only use this for special days out, not so much for my day-to-day).
My biggest secret I’d like to share is to curl your hair from the roots down (see my how-to here), it helps your hair keep a hold of the curls longer and give you more body throughout the length. Also, it’s much easier to go days without washing when my hair is curled vs wearing it straight because there’s more body and easy to hide any oily hair.

What is your must-have beauty product?
My must-have beauty product would have to be mascara! My eyes are my favorite (and biggest) feature so I like to show them off. I’m loyal to Maybelline and have tried all their mascaras and I’ve been using their Volum’ Express the Falsies Mascara most recently (see my review here).

What is your must-have for any wardrobe this Fall?
My must-have for any fall wardrobe is flat cognac riding boots! They’re a closet staple in my wardrobe. They’re great with leggings, jeans, and dresses and go seamlessly with the season changes. My faves are the Steve Madden ‘Intyce’ Boots, but there’s a ton of similar styles out there at all price points.
What is your favorite trend this Fall/Winter?
My favorite trend for this fall/winter would have to be flat riding boots and leggings with an oversized sweater and scarf. I know this isn’t a “new” look, but it’s my favorite and is so easy to wear. It’s really comfortable and is appropriate for so many occasions.

What are you currently lusting after?
Girl, my wish list is loooong. My biggest two items I’ve had my eye on is a large monogrammed necklace from Max & Chloe  and a gold Michael Kors Jet Set Sport Watch. I die. I’ve seriously been ogling these pieces for-evah. Hopefully I can get my hands on these puppies soon.

What are the three things you couldn't live without?

Three things I couldn’t live without would be my family (I’m counting all family and friends as one unit to cheat!),  books, and Mexican food. The husband and I are so blessed to have such close-knit families and friends. We spend a lot of time with them and always have such a great time. Reading is one of my favorite activities, I know libraries may be dwindling, but I love checking  out new books and getting to know new characters. Lastly, is Mexican food. It’s my favorite type of food and I could eat it every single day. Mmmmm… I think I’m going to have a bean and cheese burrito in enchilada sauce now for dinner….yummy!

Thanks again Kristen! Be sure to check our her blog, follow her on Twitter, and Like her on Facebook.

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