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Treasure & Bond


My love of Nordstrom is well-documented.  I'm pretty sure that if there is a heaven, it will look and feel like a Nordstrom, with a killer salon shoe department.  I read about the opening of their new concept retail store in Manhattan a few weeks ago and what super stoked about the idea.  (And amazed that to-date Nordstrom does not have a full-priced retail store in Manhattan.)

Treasure & Bond opened last week in the SoHo neighborhood and is already garnering a lot of press.  However, don't expect the typical Nordstrom experience; the look and feel of Treasure & Bond is designed to be far different from the chain retail stores.  This store boasts exposed pipes, wooden shipping crates as display tables, and rolling storage as tables.  The range of merchandise is also just as diverse and wide-ranging.  Overall, it sounds and looks a bit Anthropologie-inspired.

The concept for the store came from famed Vogue editor Anna Wintour and New York philanthropist Catherine Marron.  The profits from this store will go charity organizations which will switch every three months.  There is a benefit for Nordstrom as well in all of this.  Nordstrom hopes to gain important insight into how New Yorkers shop, while gaining their support and good will by their support of local charities.  All of this will further benefit Nordstrom when and if they decide to open a retail store in Manhattan in the future.  Total Win-Win and a fantastic move on Nordie's part.  I can't wait to visit Treasure & Bond next time I'm in the city.

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