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As I mentioned in Monday's Post, I've been traveling A LOT recently for work.  For me, this usually means planes, trains, and automobiles, followed by client meetings.  I've mentioned before that I work in an extremely conservative industry and so suits are pretty much the norm for these meetings.  However, I find suits so uninspiring.  Even women's suits tend to be boxy and despite the designer's best efforts, they don't tend to be very flattering.  Layered on the fact that suits don't pack well, I would rather just not bring them along.  I've found that instead of the aforementioned monstrosity, I favor dresses for these such events.  The right dress can be just as appropriate as a suit and infinitely more comfortable, as well as so much easier to pack.  The key to finding an appropriate dress for such a function is selecting the correct material (wrinkle-resistant, heavier), the proper color (darker), and the appropriate length (right around the knee).

I'm a huge fan of the options that Banana Republic offers every season.  They are typically classic, elegant, and flattering to most body types.  Added bonus, Banana offers petite and tall sizes for those of us who are outside of the normal range.

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