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BDIB: Neons and Neutrals


I'm going to be honest: Neons scare me.  Maybe it's my fair complexion or the fact that it reminds me of the worst parts of 90s fashion.  Good news for me is that I had fell in love with a skirt from JCrew last year that incorporated neon.   I also think that this trend is totally do-able within everyone's comfort zone.  It's all about moderation and what you are comfortable with.  I constantly struggle with balancing my wardrobe as I work in an incredibly conservative industry and I thought this skirt gave me just enough leeway to wear something that was professional, but fun to the work place. Another added bonus, it's linen which is perfect for the summer months in NC.

[What I'm wearing: JCrew Skirt, Banana Republic top, Michael Kors Watch, Tiffany & Co Bracelets, JCrew Martha Bracelet, Nine West Rocha pumps]

On a side note, if you haven't checked out my post on the Nine West Rocha pumps, you definitely should.  I'm now on my 4th iteration of these shoes and I am just as much in love with them today as I was when I first started wearing them a year or so ago.

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  1. I. LOVE.this.skirt! It's amazing and you look great!

  2. What a great way of balancing your style with the challenge. Isn't that's what fashion is all about finding our on voice among the myriad of trends. Hats off to you!! And you look fabulous in the post. I really enjoyed this challenge also.



  3. I participated in the BDIB challenge too, I saw your link...lovely way to incorporate this trend into your everyday look while staying true to you!


  4. so cute! i love it!

    Kristen from Love Lipstick and Pearls

    (blogger comments is still being lame)


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